A look at the components of a camera and its accessories

The camera body is a light proof box.

A look at the components of a camera and its accessories

Do you have older analog CCTV cameras that you would like to upgrade? You can use a video encoder to attach the old camera to the network. You can select a single-channel or multi-channel encoders from Axis, Hanwha SamsungHikvision, Sony, and others.

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It can be easily integrated with an IP video surveillance security system. Take a look at the latest integration using C2P convergence software. There are network attached video intercoms that provide a completely integrated solution for manually unlocking the door. IP cameras and door access control can be integrated in a number of different ways.

The article reviews all the ways to integrate these systems.

Forget the Specs

The integrated systems provide real-time notification and add a searchable database. Panic buttons can be added to IP camera systems to provide immediate notification of security problems.

They buttons can be placed in strategic locations or can be mobile. The new mobile panic buttons provide instant notification to the security staff. The IP camera system can be used to verify threats to the organization. These two types of systems can view objects that are miles away in total darkness.

It attaches to your network and can be integrated into a complete security system. Thermal imaging cameras detect energy emitted from objects so intruders can be seen night or day.

Objects can be seen through fog, smoke, sand, rain, and snow. Analytic and Specialized Surveillance Systems IP camera systems are getting more intelligent every day.They look cool, keep you safe at night, and best of all can be recharged with a standard USB phone charger.

Of course they are waterproof and bright, but others will see coming from up to a mile away.

A look at the components of a camera and its accessories

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