Anatomy of a jury

AIGA is a not-for-profit organisation loosely affiliated with the genital autonomy movement in various countries. The seminar featured five speakers to explore these practices in social, medical, and legal contexts. Dr Olayide Ogunsiji, Lecturer in Nursing and Midwifery at Western Sydney University, explored the complexities of caring and living with female genital mutilation through the voices of Australian midwives and circumcised women.

Anatomy of a jury

As one reads the epistles of Paul the Apostleit is easy to see that he crossed paths with many different individuals. Some of these individuals, it would seem, were a great hindrance to his work for the Lord, 2 Tim.

However, most of the people Paul met were a great blessing to his life and ministry. Paul closes nearly everyone of his letters with a personal note to some of these very special people.

In the last chapter of the book of Romans, Paul mentions at least 35 people by name! Contrary to the trend in our modern society, Paul was a man who made friends as he traveled through life.

Too many in our day want to isolate and insulate themselves from others. In our text this evening, Paul speaks about a man named Epaphroditus. This is a man about whom we know next to nothing! From his name, it would appear that he was a Greek and a Gentile.

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love. She was also the goddess of gamblers. That will be important to our study in a little while. While we may not know much about brother Epaphroditus from history, the small amount of information Paul gives us, tells us much about this special man.

In these few, precious verses, we are given a glimpse of a man who possessed certain characteristics that should be possessed by every born again believer. Tonight, I want to take a look at these characteristics and preach to you for a while on this thought: Because what this man, Epaphroditus was, is what every one of us ought to be!

It is easy for Christians to get out of balance. That is, we are prone to focus on one area of our Christian walk to the exclusion of other areas that are just as important. For others it is evangelism, everything revolves around bringing people to Jesus, but they ignore spiritual development and growth.

For some it is legalism, they are so concerned with keeping things in line with their idea of how things ought to be that they set themselves up as spiritual detectives who investigate and correct the motives and action of others. There are many other areas of life where this is true as well.

But, when a Christian, or a church for that matter, gets out of balance, they bring reproach upon the cause of Christ. They are like a wobbly tire on an automobile. They throw everything else out of balance as well. He was balanced in his walk with the lord and with others.

Notice the three areas of his life that were balanced. We are brothers in Christ! Every believer ought to strive for balance in this area!

We are in this thing together and we should love one another and stand together. There is no place in the Christian family for one brother to attack another.

There is no place in the Christian family for division and strife. In fact, the Bible makes it clear that we are duty bound to love one another, Matt.

Love among the brethren is the calling card of the church - John In other words, he shouldered his portion of the load. He was not a loafer, who let others carry his part.

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Anatomy of a Jury, Seymour Wishman Seymour Wishman practiced criminal law for both the prosecution and the defense, and wrote other books and articles. This book tells how Justice is administered, how we judge others, and how others judge us/5(3).

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Anatomy of a jury

Philippians AN ANATOMY OF A LOVELY CHRISTIAN. Intro: As one reads the epistles of Paul the Apostle, it is easy to see that he crossed paths with many different of these individuals, it would seem, were a great hindrance to his work for the Lord, 2 .

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