Larry page leadership style

Larry Page Leadership Style Introduction Organizations are driven by the leadership styles and values of the leaders.

Larry page leadership style

Describe about the leadership skills and styles of the 21st century leaders and CEOs in a global context? Executive summary The report deals with the evaluation of the leadership skills and styles of the 21st century leaders and CEOs in a global context.

For the purpose of evaluation, the report focuses on the leadership success story of Larry Page, the present CEO of Google and Larry page leadership style co founder. The report initially shows the advantages availed by Larry by adopting transformational, charismatic and transactional leadership style.

However, in the later part the report forecasts the weaknesses of each style theory by focusing on some strategic suggestions of the CEO of Google. Hence, the report shows a compact analysis of the styles, attitudes, behavior and traits of Larry Page and the alternative solutions to the problems faced by him.

Introduction Leadership is the power to persuade subordinates to comply to the rules and directions willingly and behave in a preferred manner Ocker et al.

Larry page leadership style

The organizational leaders should exert their common sense in order to solve the conflicting situations within the organization and direct the employees towards the attainment of the goals. The report focuses on the leadership style and attitude adopted by one of the most successful leaders of 21st century — Larry Page, the present CEO of Google Inc.

The report further evaluates the alternative leadership styles that the leaders could have adopted for further integrating the organizational plans.

Larry Page Leadership Style - Larry Page Net Worth

As per the Forbes, Google and its services is a sole creation of Larry Page and Brin assisted him in structuring the company.

Assessment of the personal traits of Page shows that he is introvert in nature. Drew argued for effective management of the internal organizational politics extrovert style is a desired trait within an organizational leader.

However, in case of management of proactive employees, an introvert leader fits the situation more appropriately. Since Google accounts for employees who are engaged in practical and innovative jobs, hence the introvert nature of Page will help him to be a good listener and inspire the creativity within the employees.

To pay attention to the innovative ideas and use the best opportunities to implement them To concentrate on team work To avoid use of bureaucracy To adopt a quick and concise work structure To recognize the importance of small changes within the organization Elmer, 3.

A leader with great leadership skills.

Initially developed as a system to measure the conventional search engines ranking, the company was further developed for analyzing the relationships between websites. With around 53, employees, Google Inc has been ranked as the best working place by the Fortune. Page adopted an independent thinking attitude for management of the employees within Google.

Page and his employees pay low attention to the competitors and are more engaged with development of the Google products. The huge range of employee benefits, the presence of Transformational leadership and the absence of any supervision techniques within Google has made it the most desirable company for all individuals with creative ability Ayman and Korabik, Adverse leadership styles Although Larry Page is named as the best CEO however the early management styles and some of the organizational decisions adds to the criticisms of Page in effective management of Google.

Firstly, Page in his initial years attempted to discard the system of supervision. He wanted to implement a system of self-sufficiency within the Google workings that created a chaos and increased the time for job completion within the organization Pihlak and Alas, Secondly, in an attempt to develop the search engine of Google more effectively, Page created a situation of work pressure for the engineers of Google paying low or no attention to the other management team.

Evaluation of the leader 5. Singh opined that Charismatic leaders are the individuals motivated by passion for establishing of an innovative vision in future. The visionary speeches and motivations of Page directed towards the employees of Google makes him a charismatic leader for the company.

Larry Page is a Michigan-born software developer and computer scientist with an estimated net worth of $16 billion dollars. With partner, Sergey Brin, Larry Page created Google, and . Free Essay: Larry Page Larry (Lawrence) Page, currently CEO of Google Inc., was born on the 26th of March, in East Lansing, Michigan. He received his. Now, Larry Page’s advice is not stupid. He tells you to be informed, pay attention to the details, aim really (really) big, work with people smarter than yourself, try and impact a huge number of people.

Even during the tenure of Eric Schmidt, employees in Google depended on Page for the approval of their innovative ideas. McCleskey suggested that Charismatic leaders offer grand visions and innovative solutions for achievement of the visions. Thus, the style adopted by Page helped him to make Google the unique company in its genre.

The employee base of Google shows that the top-level managers appointed by Page at present has the financial as well as intellectual capability to build their own companies, however they are still working with Google because of the charismatic visions and style of Page. However, Sadri argued that this style gives rise to a sense of reliance on the leaders for any decision and lack of future danger prospective.

In this regard employees of Google especially the engineers working solely on the instructions of Page relies absolutely on Page for their projects.His leadership style is aimed at eliminating long-drawn out meetings in which decisions take a lot of time to make.

Perseverance is the other leadership style of Google chief executive officer Larry Page. Larry Page, the current CEO of Google is a visionary like Gates however his leadership style is more directive and task oriented versus the style of Gates.

In an . Like Steve Jobs and many great leaders, Larry Page recognizes the importance of embracing crazy ideas and sorting out the ones worth chasing. Empower others Larry Page is not a leader who has missed the boat on the concept of helping and empowering employees in order to help the business.

Page has spent his entire career at Google, and while he remains something of an enigma, his leadership style and ideals are becoming increasingly clear; he talks about them in commencement speeches, in talks to faculty, and to co-workers and Google executives.

Leadership Qualities of Larry Page Farnaz Hedayati | June 25, Larry Page is the man who had a dream that the internet could be downloaded and saved as links so websites could be more quickly accessed. This was the dream from which Google was born.

In a recent New York Times profile of Alphabet CEO Larry Page, Conor Dougherty reports that Page is known for asking employees seemingly simple questions about how they do their jobs.

Page, who.

The Leadership Success Story of Larry Page