The environmental issue of asbestos exposure and its harmful effects

What effects can the Environment have on Health? This brief account can address only a small part of a vast and expanding subject. The environment in which we live can be considered as having three fundamental sets of components:

The environmental issue of asbestos exposure and its harmful effects

This caused a sudden and very serious exposure problem for rescue, recovery and cleanup workers who remained at the site for months. Ina study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives that followed those workers. About 70 percent of them suffered new or worsened respiratory problems. About 28 percent of workers had abnormal lung function tests.

The environmental issue of asbestos exposure and its harmful effects

Researchers continue to closely follow those who worked in the rubble. They also follow nearby residents for long-term health consequences.

Environmental Exposure Environmental exposure occurs when asbestos fibers are released into the air through: Mining Disturbance of a natural asbestos deposit Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes Inthe Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health published a study that showed occupational exposure to asbestos has declined in recent years.

But, there has been a rise in environmental exposure in specific geographic areas.

Types of Asbestos Causing Pleural Mesothelioma

The study also used the findings to explain why the percentage of women and younger patients with asbestos disease has been rising. Researchers at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center conducted a similar study in It highlighted the need to be more aware of environmental exposure in Nevada.

Northern California is also home to some of the largest naturally occurring deposits of asbestos. People in nearby communities face environmental exposure that puts them at risk of related diseases.

A study published in the journal Atmospheric Pollution Research tested the effects of environmental exposure in a population living near an asbestos manufacturing plant. The study examined rates of pleural mesothelioma and other asbestos-related conditions in Shubra El-Kheima, Egypt, an industrial city containing the Sigwart Company asbestos plant.

It compared disease rates in individuals working in the plant, those living near the plant and those in a control group with no known asbestos exposure.

The environmental issue of asbestos exposure and its harmful effects

In total, the study had more than 4, participants. Pleural mesothelioma was highest 2. The group with occupational exposure had a strikingly lower rate of only 0.

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As expected, the control group had the fewest incidences, with a rate of 0. These rates varied for other illnesses such as diffuse pleural thickening. Overall, the study found a slightly higher, but still comparable, rate of asbestos-related illnesses in asbestos workers than in nearby residents.The human health effects from long-term unsafe asbestos exposure are well documented.

Asbestos fibres are easily inhaled and carried into the lower regions of the lung where they can cause fibrotic lung disease (asbestosis) and changes in .

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Overview. Unregulated mining has the potential to release harmful substances into the soil, air, and water.

Mission proposes that governments enforce regulations on companies and use cutting-edge technology to reduce the damage from mining-related sources.

the scientific literature on the health effects of asbestos dust and compilation of data indicating the current status of asbestos dust levels and employee exposure levels. These latter data were based upon a representative sampling of asbestos dust levels and dust control technology in a cross section of the U.S.

asbestos industry. Continuing long-term use of asbestos after harmful health effects were known or suspected, and the slow emergence of symptoms decades after exposure ceased, made asbestos litigation the longest, most expensive mass tort in U.S.

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The Health Effects of Asbestos Exposure